News from the credit card area

The classic credit card could soon be a thing of the past, because technology has now also entered the credit card sector. Mastercard now has a completely new type of credit card that could be interesting for many customers. The new card doesn’t just have a chip on which the data is stored. Instead, there is an integrated display that […]

Car loan – yes, but what?

Buying a car is not a profitable investment because the car quickly loses value over time. Nevertheless, the number of cars sold in the Czech Republic is growing annually. About 50% of buyers handle some form of car loan every year. In the household lending frequency ranking, the car loan is currently second after household equipment loans. The most common […]

Decoration. Credit card with no annual service

Credit cards have become very convenient. Cash management tool. They are considered the type of loan that is easy to get and easy to return. Despite the large selection, the most popular credit card is without annual service, which will be discussed later in the article.   Key benefits Trying to keep and win loyal customers. Many banks are developing […]

Right to cancel a loan

When can a loan be canceled? What are the rights of the borrower and which of the lenders? If a loan is canceled, this means in technical jargon that there is an ordinary or extraordinary right to cancel. Both the borrower and the lender can exercise this right to terminate the loan. The borrower has an ordinary right of termination in […]