Credit cards have become very convenient. Cash management tool. They are considered the type of loan that is easy to get and easy to return. Despite the large selection, the most popular credit card is without annual service, which will be discussed later in the article.


Key benefits

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Trying to keep and win loyal customers. Many banks are developing new conditions for credit card service. The most important advantage is the interest-free useful life of the funds. It is different for all banks, but such an opportunity gives the borrower the right not to think about financial problems for some time.

A credit card without an annual maintenance fee is becoming increasingly relevant, although the bank’s customer must be particularly careful when entering into the contract.

First, such a card can have a maximum interest rate outside of the interest free period. Second, the free service can only take the first year after receiving the card. And third, there can be a high percentage for cash withdrawals, exchanges, etc.



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Credit card without annual service, in contrast to the rest, may have a minimum of options. In other words, it’s for bank training. Most likely, such a card will be transferred to annual service with a variety of options after the expiration date.

A card without a service is often a bank’s advertising campaign to attract new customers. So it’s worth finding out how profitable it is to use them:

  • Average size of the annual credit card service is from 750 dollars. Depending on the card type and option rate up to 3,000 dollars, the customer of the bank must understand whether the card is used continuously or whether it is a backup option for a rainy day.
  • If the card is used continuously, especially with purchases abroad that are not paid in cash, you should pay attention to the size of the turnover. If the card is without service, the bank will most likely have an exorbitant interest in this option and the importance of free service will disappear. A bank customer will lose money on other card transactions.
  • Customers who work with cards all the time can be issued a credit card without any annual service with all options (usually these are “gold cards” for privileged customers).




Spend a credit card without a year Services can be provided through personal contact with a financial institution or through the bank’s official website while maintaining an online application. You only need a passport to register. In this case, however, the cash limit is low.

If you want to receive a large amount, you must be ready to submit a full package of documents:

  • RF passport;
  • Certificate in form 2 NDFL to confirm the income;
  • additional identification documents;
  • Copy of the employment record;
  • other documents requested by the bank.

If a person has a salary card, it is better to apply for a credit card at a particular bank. There is a possibility that the interest rate will be lower in this case and there is no annual maintenance.


Cash withdrawal

Cash withdrawal

The credit card is designed to make cashless payments. If the borrower intends to withdraw cash, he should be willing to pay a commission of between 3% and 7% and also lose interest free time. The use of cash that is withdrawn from a credit card is associated with a large overpayment and a high commission.

There are banks that offer cash withdrawals from credit card funds. However, such a service is more accessible to privileged customers, payroll project participants, and bank employees who offer this option.